Need assessment

By virtue of our varied experience and familiarity with different business scenarios, we are able to keenly observe, reflect and effectively decode a business problem, an RFP or a client need to say. Here the approach is a combination of method married to experience and intuitive capabilities built on the foundations of knowledge. This area is individual – focused with talent coming to the fore in diagnosing the needs and possibly the road map to creating a sustainable IT framework

Choosing a model

We follow “Accelerated Systems Application and Products in Data Processing (ASAP)” methodology for the project implementation. This model has 5 phases. Each of these phases addresses a particular work area in a software development life cycle.

Facilitating change

This is an area where the IT plan can fly or die, therefore a crucial and special area of expertise for us at Biz Technix. It is in this area that unlike other providers whose relationship ceases with the implementation, we dig in to ensure that the complete change process is streamlined and the transfer of knowledge is complete. Managing the structure on one hand and the people side of the business on the other becomes a daunting task for the organization. Evolving the capabilities for creating, assessing, approving and implementing changes to your environment will be the thrust of this area.