A “ Biz & Technology Integration Exchange” is here

Businesses need to thrive. This by all means is not an easy task in today’s challenging environment, replete with competitive pressures and the emerging dynamics of a digital and real time world. Perhaps the first requirement we at Biz Technix believe is having a well-oiled organization with its IT frameworks running in sync with what the business demands. The outcome of such a state of business readiness is an organization poised to be agile and process – efficient. And these you would agree are the building blocks for thriving businesses.[…]
Think of Biz Technix then as that much needed catalyst who can observe, diagnose, solve and support the creation of a responsive IT framework. As your Team, we can provide innovative solutions to the implementation of the ERP conversion. We offer experienced technical skills, the proven ability to deliver cutting-edge solutions throughout the life cycle of virtually any project.
Biz Technix was founded in 2008, as a “Business (Biz) and Technology Integration Exchange.” We are a few genuinely talented individuals who have come together, bringing to the leadership team a diverse and unique collection of talents. Thanks to these varied business experiences of the founders, we have exposure to different technologies, business scenarios and implementation challenges. We are a well-rounded team that can provide truly exceptional service to your business.

How we can create that sync.

Money spent on IT has to be well spent. This is easier said than done in most IT implementation and integration projects. While the dollars are spent and as the project progresses the organization starts to understand the complexities with well measured skepticism on which part of the integration is relevant and is impacting the business and decision making on a day to day basis, or even a real time basis. This anxiety becomes unfounded when you work with a provider like Biz Technix.[…]

• Biz Technix practices longer term blueprinting than what a typical ASAP road map depicts.

• Our Blueprint focuses on getting down to granular details of all business processes and steps within those processes that a business user has to perform daily. This is how we uncover any and all GAPs between the standard SAP functionality and business requirements.

• Should we discover a gap, we will delve into details of how to bridge it, by either process re-engineering or functional enhancements within SAP. All this gap assessment and resolution should happen during the blueprint itself. We believe this is the key to our successful implementation and adoption of any change. We believe this is the key to our successful implementation and adoption of any change.